Kathryn Lang

Kathryn Lang

Retired home school teacher of three boys (17 yrs). Darer of "dancing to the beat of my own drum" since 1974. Instigator of building unique design for 30 years.

Focus Coach
Peculiar Productions

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Dare to Be You

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“Have fun. Make friends. Be relentlessly helpful. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.”

You are unique in all the world and I know when you embrace your uniqueness and live bold in that path you will give flight to all of your dreams. As a focus coach and dream ignitor, I specialize in helping you uncover your unique heartseed – the seed planted in you at the beginning of time - and then growing it up into a world of possibilities.

When you dare to dream and invest in little bits to care for the dream then you will fly!

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